Privacy Policy


Using your Information

This Privacy Policy applies to information held about you by Featherstone Property, The Office, Vale Farm, Sutton Waldron, Blandford, DT11 8PG.

In this Privacy Policy “Data Protection Legislation” means the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679; together with all other applicable legislation relating to privacy or data protection; and the term “personal data,  (and its derivatives) shall have the meaning given to them in the Data Protection Legislation.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “you” or “your” means you or your Personnel as appropriate.

Processing your Personal Data:

In connection with the provision of our services to you (the “Services”), we may collect, record and use information about you, your personnel or other relevant individuals, in physical and electronic form and will hold, use and otherwise process the data in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation and as set out in the Privacy Policy.

Before providing us with any information (as defined below), you are responsible for ensuring that your Personnel or other relevant individuals are aware of this Privacy Policy and the provisions of such Privacy Policy are clearly communicated to them.  For the avoidance of doubt, “your information” means information about you, your personnel or other relevant individuals.

Processing” information about you means any activity that involves the use of your information, carrying out any procedure or set of procedures on your information including organising, amending, retrieving, using, disclosing, erasing or destroying it.  Processing may also include sharing your information with third parties and transferring it abroad.

Providing Third Party Information to us

If any information which you provide to use relates to any third party (such as people who depend on you financially, a joint account holder, member, employee or beneficiary), by providing us with such personal information you confirm that you have obtained any necessary permissions from such persons to the reasonable use of their information in accordance with the above provisions or are otherwise permitted to give us this information.

Purposes for using your Personal Data

We collect and process information about you to enable us to provide the Services to you.  Specific purposes may include:

  • To follow up with you after you request information to see if we can provide any further assistance;
  • To send out our regular Newsletters; and
  • To bring to your attention (in person or by post, email or telephone) information about additional services offered by us which may be of interest to you, unless you indicate at any time that you do not wish us to do so.

Sharing your Personal Data

Featherstone Property will hold personal information specifically for the purposes identified above and will ensure never to share, sell or divulge any of your personal information with a Third Party, unless we have obtained specific consent from you.

Your rights in relation to your Personal Data

You have several rights concerning the way that we use your information.  You are responsible for ensuring that your Personnel and other relevant individuals are also aware of these rights.  At any time, you and such individuals shall have the right:

  • To be informed about the processing of your personal data;
  • To request access to or a copy of any personal data we hold about your;
  • To request the rectification of your personal data, if you consider that it is inaccurate;
  • To request the erasure of your personal data, if you consider that we do not have the right to hold it;
  • To withdraw, at any time, any consent that you have previously given to us for our use of your personal data; or
  • To ask us to stop or start sending you marketing messages at any time.