Howard Phillips - Former CEO of McCarthy & Stone

"The attraction for me was that Andrew has the opportunity, time and contacts to source properties that we could acquire at low market value where we could then add value, whether that is physical or legal value."


"I didn't have any concerns about this relationship because we talked about it, how it would work, what we both wanted and we drew up an agreement.  We knew from the outset where we stood."

David Boardman, Risk Analyst Expert for IT projects worth £300 million

"Andrew's proposition intrigued me so I followed it up when my financial advisor talked to me about it.  It had several things going for it that I didn't think I'd find.  It's a phenomenally good investment because the risks are virtually taken out of it but the returns are potentially very good."

Bea Gallimore,   Tax and Pensions Consultant

"What came across when I met Andrew is that he is very straight and honourable.  He was recommended by a colleague so there was a bond of trust there which was really important to me.  That's been proven with the work that we have done with Andrew.  We felt the proposition he was offering was extremely good."

"I suppose the one concern was that what Andrew recommended would work in terms of the money invested, the return of funds and the long term investment potential but it's been proven to be very worthwhile."